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Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant

Cabinetry plays a major role in achieving the sound you are searching for. That's why it's so important to choose a cabinet that will not only suit your playing style, but actually enhance it. Four-Twelve style: When it comes to 4x12 cabinets for heavy sounds, we offer a choice of two distinct and very different sounding quad boxes, our legendary Rectifier Cabinets and the new Stletto Cabinets. Rectifier 4x12 Cabinets are larger than most other 4x12 cabinets producing a thundering low end response and a tailored midrange character. This is our most popular cabinet, at this point an icon in heavy music and is the one used on more hit recordings than we could list here. HUGE Sounding!

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant

Style/Type: Closed Back
Speaker(s) & Mounting Position: Celestion Vintage 30s
Wattage: 240 Watts
Mono or Mono + Stereo Input: Mono + Stereo
Cabinet Impedance: 8 Ohm Mono / 4 Ohm Stereo
Transport Assistance: Included - Track-Loc Removable Casters
Additional Features: n/a

Weight And Dimensions
Weight: 99 Lbs.
Height: 30 1/4"
Width: 29 7/8"
Depth: 14 1/4"

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard Slant


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