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Meinl MPE3BK

The great thing about the Meinl percussion blocks, besides their ability to stand up to heavy playing, is that they’re multi-functional. These blocks are a vital tool for percussionists playing intricate Latin inspired rhythms and drummers laying down grooves on a set. Use them to establish a clear tempo in a marching drumline, and let their sound be heard from across a football field. Their clear sound projects with a “knock” effect that has no harsh overtones or unwanted ring. Their special feature includes a mount that may be re-positioned either at an angle or on one of three sides of the block to allow for optimal placement. The 3/8” mount fits on any standard percussion rod. These blocks are made from high-density PE plastic, so they can be played anywhere, indoors or outside.

Meinl MPE3BK

• High-pitched sound
• Ultra-durable PE plastic
• Mountable on three sides
• Includes mounting clamp
• Material: PE-Plastic
• Color: Black

Meinl MPE3BK

Meinl MPE3BK


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