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Media Gitaarplezier

You can now start learning to play your favorite instrument from the age of 8. This innovative method is fully geared to the requirements of the new decree that has entered into force in all Flemish academies since 1 September 2018. The new decree offers the possibility to offer an extra year of instrument in the 2nd stage of the DKO. "Guitar Enjoyment" is fully tailored to this new structure. You can also use this book and the "Guitar Fun" series to learn to play on your own. No prior knowledge is required to get started with this book.

All basic techniques to learn to play classical guitar are taught step by step. More than 50 songs ensure that this book is well supplied with interesting music material to enthuse the student. This will quickly play songs to friends or family. In this book you will find a clear explanation with clear images, clear overviews and our mascot: Gekko the guitarist.

The 3 chapters are important milestones in learning the basics of guitar. At the beginning of each chapter you will get a clear overview of what you will learn. Each chapter ends with music lessons and a creative assignment. Group music is frequently discussed in each chapter, even from the first lesson. Through small assignments (fill in, explore, look up,…) the researcher is stimulated in the student and steered in the right direction. The various competences are thus stimulated in a playful way.

This book is written in Dutch.

Media Gitaarplezier

• Guitar method
• Level: Beginner
• Author: Ronald Stassen
• Language: Dutch

Media Gitaarplezier


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