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Media Genos Praktijkboek 1

This Genos Practice Book 1 explains in a simple way how to use the Yamaha Genos. This manual is packed with tips and tricks for beginners, advanced players or players who previously had a Yamaha Tyros and now make the switch to the Yamaha Genos. This manual starts from scratch so that everyone can easily and quickly dive in. The manual is divided into several workshops that are supplemented with download links with additional practice software. The book was written by Manni Pichler & Roman Sterzig, both Genos experts.

Note: this book is written in Dutch.

Media Genos Praktijkboek 1

Media Genos Praktijkboek 1

Nog niet goed bestudeerd, maar lijkt na eerste doorbladering goed en logisch in elkaar te zitten.

Media Genos Praktijkboek 1


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