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Marq Lighting RezoTube Pack

High-Resolution LED Tube Display Package.

Add brilliant, dramatic effects to your shows! Five 1-meter LED tube effects lights deliver the ultimate visual performance experience, whether you set the lights to be synchronized to the music or set them for independent operation. Either way, with 32 ultra bright high-resolution LEDs per tube, the effects are spectacular—and crisp from any viewing distance. Multiple mounting options ensure total setup flexibility and a convenient carry case make transport easy.

• 64 RGB LEDs per tube for high resolution and ultra bright graphics
• Multi-mounting options: Ships with mounts for individual tubes or fanned display options on floor or hung
• Bring-it-all carrying case included—fits all accessories in a single package

Marq Lighting RezoTube Pack

• DMX channels: 9, 480
• Protocols: Artnet, Klingnet, DMX
• DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR in-out, RJ 45 in-out
• Tubes: 5 x 1 m (64 RGB leds per tube)
• Display: Monochrome backlit LCD
• Power: 150W
• Input voltage: 110–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
• Weight: tubes 0,25 kg each, controller 1,58kg

Marq Lighting RezoTube Pack

Marq Lighting RezoTube Pack


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