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Markbass CMD Super Combo K1

The new Alain Caron signature CMD Super Combo K1 has been developed respecting Alain's high standards. This 3-ways combo is amplified by a powerful 1000W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp to offer the best fidelity, dynamic and a very serious headroom! Top-quality sound, incredible power, simple and effective controls... make this combo SUPER!

Markbass CMD Super Combo K1

• Input: impedance 500 Kohm, max. voltage 15 Vpp
• Effect Return: impedance 33 Kohm, max. voltage 10 Vpp

• Gain: Range –60 / 23 dB
• VPF: (Pre shape center frequency 380Hz)
• Line Out: GND Lift – Pre/Post EQ
• Master

• Low
• Mid Low
• Mid High
• High

Line Out: Balanced, Max Voltage 20 Vpp
Send: Unbalanced, Max Voltage 20Vpp (Pre EQ)
Tuner Out: Unbalanced, Max Voltage 2Vpp

Size: 1X12" + 1X5"
Power Handling: 800W RMS (AES Standard)
Impedance: 8 ohms

• 1" coil compression tweeter

Frequency Response
• 40Hz to 20KHz

Crossover Frequencies
• 1.5 KHz / 5.5 KHz

• 99dB SPL

Power Amp
Output Power: 600W RMS@8 ohm / 1000W RMS@4 ohm

• Rear

Weight: 59.75 lbs / 27,1 Kg
Width: 14.76 in. / 37,5 cm
Depth: 17.32 in. / 44 cm
Height: 27.17 in. / 69 cm
Power Requirement: 100/120V; 230V; 240V 50/60Hz (Voltage is factory preset according to region of sale)

Markbass CMD Super Combo K1

Markbass CMD Super Combo K1


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