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Mapex Storm Low Volume/Super Mesh Pack

The Mapex Storm Low Volume / Super Mesh Pack is the most complete solution for the drummer who wants to be able to practice at a low volume without having to sacrifice the feeling of an acoustic set. Ideal for students in student rooms, drummers in an apartment building or drum teachers who want to be able to talk while playing.

The pack is a collaboration between three well-known brands, Mapex drums, Zildjian cymbals and Aquarian drumheads,
and is composed of a Mapex Storm shell set, Mapex hardware pack, Zildjian L80 Low Volume 468 pack and an Aquarian Super Mesh pack.

The original Remo UT drum heads are also included.

Mapex Storm Low Volume/Super Mesh Pack

- BD 22x18
- TT 10x8
- TT 12x9
- FT 16x16
- SD 14x6,5
- 400 series Hardwarepack
- TH656 double tomholder

Shell construction:
- Poplar
- 9 ply
- 45° bearing edge

Ebony Blue Grain
(also available: Iron Grey, Deep Black, Camphor Wood Grain)

Including Zildjian L80 468: 14" HH, 16" Cr, 18" CrRd

Including Aquarian Super Mesh Pack: 10, 12, 14, 16, 22

Original head set (Remo UT) included.

Mapex Storm Low Volume/Super Mesh Pack

Mapex Storm Low Volume/Super Mesh Pack


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