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Mackie MP-220

The MP-220 steps up the count with two dynamic drivers in each monitor. In addition to offering a cleaner performance at higher volume levels, it allows the monitors to maintain higher efficiency evenly across the entire frequency range. Because you have twice the amount of drivers taking care of the same job, you'll be able to hear the details and nuance in the sound much better, this also means increased bass which dynamic drivers are particularly good at.

Mackie MP-220

• Ergonomically molded low-profile enclosure

• Up to 40dB of sound isolation

• Braided cable for extra durability

• Detachable MMCX connector for increased comfort and durability

• Over ear design keeps them secure for uninterrupted performance

• Three different ear tip sizes for maximum comfort and sound isolation

• Ear tip types include foam and silicone

• Includes hard case for good protection

-Gold-plated 1/8"" to 1/4"" adapter

• Impedance 16O+/-15%

• Transducer Type: Dual Dynamic

• Sensitivity 88dB+/-3dB@1mW at 1KHz

Mackie MP-220

Mackie MP-220


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