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Line 6 Amplifi 30

hink you need a huge guitar amp to get great tones? Think again. AMPLIFi 30 is a modern lunchbox amp that delivers the award-winning AMPLIFi experience in a compact and affordable package. Hear your tone in amazing detail via the stereo speaker configuration. Hone your skills and practice along with your favorite songs wirelessly via Bluetooth. Control every aspect of your tone wirelessly and access an unlimited selection of free sounds in the cloud. AMPLIFi 30 is also a great guitar recording interface—you can record to your favorite music software and hear your session play back through the amp.

4-Way Stereo Speakers
When you plug in to AMPLIFi 30, you’ll ask yourself how such a small amplifier can sound so good. Featuring a unique 4-way stereo speaker configuration, AMPLIFi 30 delivers renowned Line 6 amp modeling, effects modeling, and cab modeling in stunning realism. Plus, AMPLIFi 30 is Bluetooth enabled and uses the highest-streaming bandwidth—so you’ll hear your favorite tracks like never before.

Line 6 Amplifi 30

• 30 Watt
• An all-in-1 guitar amplifier and Bluetooth audio player
• High-quality, stereo Bluetooth speaker
• Innovative 4-speaker design
• Compatible with Amplifi Remote app for iOS and Android devices
• 200 amp, cabinet, stompboxes, and studio effects
• Lush-sounding wet/dry stereo effects
• Sleek, modern look that is living room approved
• Headphone output for silent playing
• Compatible with Line 6 FBV MkII foot controller for expanded functionality

Line 6 Amplifi 30

De amplify 30 is een geweldige amp met heel veel mogelijkheden die ik nog niet allemaal ken

Line 6 Amplifi 30


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