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Lindell Audio 510 POWER Mk2

The 510 Power chassis holds up to ten 500 Series modules in a compact yet rugged unit. An external no-noise power supply delivers the perfect amount of power to run your modules with crystal-clear sound. This lightweight brushed aluminum chassis mounts into any standard 19" rack in your studio or live rig. Create your ideal signal chain with the 510 Power chassis.

Rugged 500-series rack for your favorite modules
dSUb I/O
Feed Switch. Mix one channel into another without cables

Lindell Audio 510 POWER Mk2

10-slot chassis for 500-series modules
Lightweight aluminum enclosure; steel M3 threads
No-noise, high-frequency switching power supply, 90-250V
Overload and short-circuit protection
Gold-plated XLR inputs and outputs
500mA of power per slot
48V phantom power
Power-rail LED indication
Comes with removable rack ears and one blank panel

Lindell Audio 510 POWER Mk2

Lindell Audio 510 POWER Mk2


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