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Leblanc CL650

The Leblanc CL650 is a beginner clarinet with an affordable price. The CL650 is a great instrument made up of strong and durable materials, featuring reliable mechanisms. The CL650 features stunning nickel plated keys that feel nice to touch forming a good connection with the player during use. The CL650 was made specifically for students and comes with a backpack style case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap.

Leblanc CL650

• Boehm-System ABS Body, Wood-Like Finish
• Undercut Tone Holes
• Two Barrels (62mm & 64mm)
• Nickel Silver Keys, Silver Plated
• 17 Keys, 6 Rings
• Low-E Reinforcement Bar
• USA Mouthpiece with Ligature and Cap
• Lightweight Case with Rucksack Straps

Leblanc CL650

Leblanc CL650


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