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LD Systems DAVE 18 G3 Set

Accessory set for LD Systems Dave 18 G3

Set composed of:
• Castorboard inclusive lashing strap
• Protective Cover for subwoofer
• Protective Cover for satellites

LD Systems DAVE 18 G3 Set

Product number: LDDAVE18G3SET
Product type: PA Complete Systems Accessories
Type: Covers, castor boards, Accessory Sets, for LDDAVE18G3
Colour: Black, Black
Material: birch multiplex, nylon
Material thickness: 18mm
Surface: Polyurea
Number of casters: 4
Wheel diameter: 80mm
Manufacturer of castors: Adam Hall
number of drag castors: 2
Width: 510mm
Length: 725mm
Weight: 0,65kg, 0,2kg, 7,902kg

LD Systems DAVE 18 G3 Set

LD Systems DAVE 18 G3 Set


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