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LD Systems CURV 500 TS

The compact, highly portable CURV 500 Touring Array System is fully scalable with up to four interlocking aluminium unibody line array elements operating on a SmartLink plug and play adapter. It comes with two standard CURV satellites that feature a single 4" midrange and triple 1" high frequency drivers using LD Systems' WaveAhead technology, and two duplex satellites with twice the speaker complement.

The ported 15" subwoofer base includes the CURV 500 Touring Array System's class D amplification with multiband limiter, short circuit, thermal and overcurrent protection. It sports comprehensive connectivity on combo and speakON compatible connectors, six DSP presets for quick system configuration, an M20 pole mount and three ergonomic handles for easy portability. Providing impressive versatility, the lightweight CURV 500 Touring Set delivers high definition audio with powerful punch, superb balance and extended vertical and horizontal coverage. The set includes a subwoofer pole and dedicated speaker cable.

LD Systems CURV 500 TS

Product number: LDCURV500TS
Product type: PA Complete Systems Accessories, Installation Loudspeakers, PA Complete Systems
Type: Array Satellites, Smartlink® Adapter
Midrange size: 2 x 4", 1 x 4"
System output (RMS):: 1000W
Tweeter dimensions: 3 x 1", 6 x 1"
Colour: Black, Black
Load rating (RMS): 80W, 40W
Peak power: 160W, 80W, Subwoofer: 1400 W , Array Satellites: 600W
Dispersion: 110° horizontal, vertical (each satellite) 5°, 110° horizontal, vertical (each satellite) 10°
Number of array satellites: 4
Number of Smartlink adapters: 1
Impedance: 8Ohm(s), 16Ohm(s)
Number of subwoofers: 1
Material: die-cast aluminium
Max. SPL (continuous): 125dB
Surface: powder coated
Connectors: 1x Speakon compatible, 1x Phoenix
Max. SPL (peak): 131dB
Frequency response: 40 - 20000Hz
Width: 122mm
Dispersion (H x V): 110° horizontal, vertical 30°
Height: 240mm, 122mm
RMS: Subwoofer: 700 W , Array Satellites: 300W
Depth: 57mm, 126mm, 122mm
Weight: 0,35kg, 3,44kg, 48,2kg, 3,3kg
Amplifier: Class D
Protection circuits: thermal overload, short circuit, overload, DSP-based multiband limiter
Features: M3 thread for safety rope for installations, 2 x 16 mm flanges, 2x M6 thread for optional wall mount, internal crossover, WaveAhead® Technology, SmartLink® System, metal grille
Accessories (included): Power cord, Distance bar, Speaker cable CURV 500 CABLE 1 (2.2 m)

Low/mid driver dimensions: 15"
Low/mid driver dimensions (mm): 381mm
Cabinet construction: vented
Housing material: plywood
Cabinet surface: Polyurea
Dimensions Subwoofer (W x H x D): 600 x 437 x587mm
Subwoofer weight: 35.5kg
Subwoofer features: Threaded flange M20, 6 System DSP Presets, 4 ergonomic handels, speakON output, Powercon

LD Systems CURV 500 TS

LD Systems CURV 500 TS


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