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Laney Cub Cab

The passive Laney CUB-CAB is an ideal partner speaker for a small valve amplifier.
The 100W RMS cabinet has two 12-inch speakers and is equipped with an open back construction.
The cabinet can be used standing as well as lying down thanks to the conveniently placed support feet.
Provides great vintage power tone for lower wattage tube heads.
Ruggedly built yet lightweight and portable at just 15kg.

Laney Cub Cab

• Speakers: 2x12 Inch Celestion Rocket 50
• Wattage: 100 watt
• Impedance: 8 Ohm
• Construction: Open-back
• Color: Black
• Input: 1/4-inch audio
• Product weight: 15 kg
• Product size: 23.5 x 68.5 x 46.81 cm

Laney Cub Cab