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Korg PitchClip Black 2

Enhanced visibility and accuracy. Pitchclip 2, the clip-on tuner for simple and efficient tuning.
An evolution of KORG’s popular Pitchclip tuner, the Pitchclip 2 is an all-new clip-on tuner with a compact body and simple operation allows you to tune quickly and easily. Simply attach it to the headstock of your instrument, turn on the switch, then just play a string and the tuner shows the exact amount of pitch difference.
The Pitchclip 2 is designed from the players point of view and features high tuning precision with excellent visibility, an enhanced clip for even better holding power, and a reverse display function that will be appreciated by left-handed users.
The new Pitchclip 2 is designed to go and perform anywhere. Put one in your pocket, or in your case, and you’ll never be without it!

Korg PitchClip Black 2

Scale12-note equal temperament
Detection Range (sine wave)AO (27.5Hz) – C8 (4186Hz)
Detection Accuracy: +/- 1 cent
Power Supply: CR2032 lithium battery x 1
Battery Life: Approximately 24 hours (A4 input)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 52 x 24 x 34 mm/2.05” x 0.94” x 1.34”
Weight17g / 0.37 lbs. (including batteries)
Accessories: CR2032 lithium battery for verifying operation x 1

Korg PitchClip Black 2


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