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Konig & Meyer 21366 Distance Rod Ring Lock

Steel connecting rod for satellite systems. Height adjustment using a non-scratching locking screw and safety pin. Both ends fitted with a unique patented expanding mandrel system for a tight and firm fit for the base and satellite speakers. Moveable plastic splints separate the speaker from the stand creating a vibration-free connection. Easy to use ring lock.
Made in Germany

Konig & Meyer 21366 Distance Rod Ring Lock

• Height: from 980 to 1,470 mm
• Height adjustment: spring-loaded bolt and locking screw
• Material: steel
• Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
• Tube end(s): Ring Lock diameter 35 to 37 mm
• Type: black
• Weight: 2.9 kg

Special features:
• patented expanding mandrel system Ring Lock
• vibration-free connection due to moveable plastic splints

Konig & Meyer 21366 Distance Rod Ring Lock


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