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Keeley Electronics Bassist Compressor

The Keeley Bassist Compressor is something new for small format stomp box Compression. This Compressor, or limiting amplifier, is a compressor to equal a dbx 160, in a very small format. It has variable compression ratios from 1:1, all the way to 10:1, all the way to infinity:1. It also has an incredible 30db of gain and a very precise variable threshold. This compressor utilizes the ultra high end THAT Corp 4320, a chip developed by former dbx engineers that has previously only been available in rack units. We are, to the best of our knowledge, the first major pedal manufacturer to employ this amazing chip. The performance specs far surpass any available from any competing compressor. It is unbelievably transparent, low noise, and colorless. The precision of the values indicated on the controls is dead accurate, this limiting amplifier is surely much more of a scalpel then the usual stompbox hammer.

Keeley Electronics Bassist Compressor

Keeley Electronics Bassist Compressor


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