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JHS Mini A/B Box

There are two types of players, those that utilize an A/B box like our Mini A/B here, and those that don’t know what they’re missing. Add one to your pedalboard, and you’ll find the Mini A/B is full of indispensable benefits on the gig, in the studio, or even at home.

At its core, the simple footswitch design selects between a pair of ¼” jacks on the left side of the unit. Hook one up and you’ll instantly be switching between amps, quickly swapping guitars between songs, using it to isolate your tuner from your signal, killing your stage sound as a mute, and more. And with its adorably tiny footprint, the Mini A/B will fit on even the most cramped pedalboards.

JHS Mini A/B Box

JHS Mini A/B Box

JHS Mini A/B Box


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