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JHS Kilt V2

When the opportunity to work with StuG came about (legendary guitarist, writer, producer, and founding member of UK band Delirious) JHS couldn’t pass it up. Right out of the gate StuG wanted a dirt box that could essentially cover any-and-all ground he needed for his studio work and extensive touring gigs. From that request the Kilt was born, and for the V2 JHS have refined it to be a compact and versatile tone-machine.

• When both toggles are down, you are in the lightest gain setting. Amp-like chimey breakup.
• G1 flipped up adds a touch of drive for more riffy grit.
• G2 flipped up puts you almost into distortion land, with more saturation and sustain for lead tones.
• Both toggles flipped up sends the Kilt V2 into almost uncontrollable gated fuzz/distortion that will cut through anything.

JHS Kilt V2

JHS Kilt V2


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