JB Systems Multibeam Laser

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JB Systems Multibeam Laser

A superb 850 mWatt Class-3B RGRB color laser equipped with 4 powerful, temperature controlled lasers. LED-display for easy navigation in the setup menu. Perfect for use in clubs, discotheques, mobile DJ’s and many more.

• Four powerful, temperature controlled lasers:
-2 x 150mW Red laser (650nm)
-1 x 50mW Green laser (532nm)
-1 x 500mW Blue laser (450nm)

• The 4 user modes make this laser very easy to use:
MUSIC CONTROL: 100% plug & play, just connect the laser to the mains to start an incredible, music controlled, laser show based on the internal patterns! Perfect for hiring companies!!!
MASTER/SLAVE mode: Several units can be used in completely synchronized music mode: amazing and very simple to use!
AUTOMATIC mode: all internal programs will be shown automatically, no music needed. Depending your needs you can choose a fast or soft show.
DMX mode: two options possible:
-2 channel for extremely easy setup and use!
-10 channels to take full control of all internal programs!

• IR remote included.
• SAFETY FIRST! Class-3B lasers (more than 500mW output) can damage the human eye very badly so never buy such high power laser without checking if it passed the severe laser safety tests!
• This laser complies to the European EN 60825-1:2014 for Laser Safety!
• It is equipped with extra safety measures like:
-Interlock connection with mechanical shutter: press the safety switch to shut down the output.
-Key switch: only authorized and well trained operators are allowed to use the laser.

JB Systems Multibeam Laser

• Application: DJ & Club, Stage & Rental
• Dimensions (cm): 53,7 x 26,8 x 17
• Weight (kg): 5
• Powerinput: AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
• Power consumption W: 65
• Color: black
• Display: LED
• IP rating: indoor

• Manual: Yes
• Master/Slave: Yes
• DMX M/S: No
• Standalone: automatic, sound
• Type included remote: IR Remote Control
• Maximum DMX channels: 10

• Lamp: LED
• Mix colors: No

• Input: 3 pin XLR
• Output: 3 pin XLR

JB Systems Multibeam Laser

JB Systems Multibeam Laser


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