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Izotope Music Production Suite 2

A collection of over thirty industry-standard plugins that interact across your session and provide time-saving assistive features, innovative new workflows, and cutting-edge visual analysis tools. Through inter-plugin communication, iZotope products in your session can send and receive diagnostic information, help you make mix decisions, ensure translation across devices and streaming services, and more. By automating the tedious in-between processes of music production, Music Production Suite 2 lets you spend more time doing what you love instead of troubleshooting. MPS2 is an extension of your creativity, enabled by science.

Every step of the workflow
rom creation all the way to the finished product, Music Production Suite 2 can help you through the creative process to realize your art in song form.

Every song starts with an idea, and Music Production Suite has tools to kickstart that inspiration. Add creative effects with Nectar 3 and VocalSynth, or change the nature of your vocal performance with Melodyne 4 Essential.

Don't let performance and technical errors during tracking detract from your project! Music Production Suite offers tools that can polish your tracks, fix performance issues, as well as remove noises, clicks, and more.

Get all your tracks to sit in the mix quickly and easily, using iZotope's advanced mixing tools. Powered by machine learning, Neutron 2 is your go-to solution for getting your tracks to sound great together while Nectar 3 acts as the cornerstone to a professional vocal mix. Send audio information from Neutron to Nectar to make space for your vocal in the mix via inter-plugin communication.

Music Production Suite 2 offers Ozone 8 Advanced and Insight 2, a powerhouse combination that can give your tracks that final, radio-ready polish and help you stay on target with instant track referencing, Master Assistant, and the Tonal Balance Control utility plug-in for help with referencing and translation across listening environments.

Music Production Suite 2 offers visual feedback that makes even complex mixing tasks far easier. Easily detect and remove masking with Neutron 2's masking meter, check vocal intelligibility with Insight 2, or lose yourself in Nectar 3's beautiful fluid metering.

What's Included in Music Production Suite 2?
• Ozone 8 Advanced
• Neutron 2 Advanced
• Tonal Balance Control
• RX 7 Standard
• VocalSynth 2
• Nectar 3
• Insight 2

Izotope Music Production Suite 2

Izotope Music Production Suite 2

Izotope Music Production Suite 2