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IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO

Truly Mobile
To the people of iRig, “truly mobile” means completely self contained… unhooked from the grid and free to create anytime and anywhere inspiration strikes you on any device. iRig Pro DUO delivers true mobility in grand fashion. It packs a ton of useful recording features into an extremely compact enclosure that you can take with you anywhere.

First, it lets you go off the grid and record great audio anywhere thanks to its comprehensive powering options — for true mobility iRig Pro DUO can be powered with two AA batteries and does not draw any power from a connected iPhone or iPad. When using the included USB or Micro USB to OTG cable connected to a laptop or Android device, iRig Pro DUO can be powered by the attached device or onboard batteries. Back in the studio? iRig Pro DUO can be powered with an additional DC power supply for powering extended recording sessions.

Second, it has to sound great and accept every possible instrument and recording situation. iRig Pro DUO delivers high-quality 24-bit audio on the go or in the studio with plug-and-play simplicity. It features 2 channels with XLR/TRS combo audio jacks and phantom power that can accommodate everything from high-end condenser microphones to guitars, basses, keyboards and more. Its crystal-clear ultra-low noise high-headroom preamps ensure that you get professional grade sound everywhere you go.

Fully universal “all-platform” portable recording is finally here thanks to iRig Pro DUO. It comes with every cable you need to connect to your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Mac/PC —you get a Lightning, USB-OTG and USB cables so no matter where you are or what device you happen to have with you, capturing brilliance is always enabled. And, iRig Pro DUO comes bundled with over $/€450 worth of software and apps for every platform to get you going.

• Truly mobile dual input audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC
• Simultaneous dual track recording interface for all instruments
• Ultra-compact housing for extreme portability
• Dual identical XLR/TRS combo input jacks
• Dual ultra-low noise studio-quality IK preamps
• Individual input gain controls
• 48V phantom power
• Self-powered (2 AA batteries), device powered or DC power adapter (not included)
• 24-bit AD-DA converters
• Dual 1/4” switchable TRS balanced outs
• 1/8” 3.5mm Headphone out w/ level control
• MIDI IN/OUT jacks
• Ultra-compact housing fits in the palm of your hand
• Comes with mini-DIN to Lighting, Micro USB OTG and standard USB cables
• Designed and made in Italy

IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO

Microphone Input
Microphone Inputs: 2x balanced, XLR. Pin 2: hot / Pin 3: cold / Pin 1: ground
Microphone Input Level: from 6 mVpp to 1.4 Vpp
Microphone Input Impedance: approx 2 kOhms
Gain Range: 48 dB
Phantom Power: +48V ± 4V
Frequency Response:
• from 5 Hz to 21 kHz (-3dB) Gain @ min
• from 30 Hz to 21 kHz (-3dB) Gain @ max
Input Noise:
• -103 dB(A) Gain @ min
• -86 dB(A) Gain @ max

Instrument Input
Instrument Inputs: 2x unbalanced, Hi-Z, TS 1/4” Jack, Tip: signal / Shield: ground
Instrument Input Level: from 30 mVpp to 6.9 Vpp
Instrument Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
Gain Range: 27 dB
Frequency Response:
• from 2 Hz to 21 kHz (-3dB) Gain @ min
• from 5 Hz to 21 kHz (-3dB) Gain @ max
Input Noise:
• -104 dB(A) Gain @ min
• -102 dB(A) Gain @ max

Line Output
Line Outputs: 2x balanced, TRS 1/4” Jack, Tip: hot / Ring: cold / Shield: ground
Floating Balanced Outputs with automatic level compensation when working in unbalanced mode
Maximum Output Level: +16 dBu into 600 Ohms balanced load
Instrument Input Impedance: 1 MOhms
Frequency Response: from 10 Hz to 21 kHz (-3dB)
Output Dynamic Range: 106 dB(A)
Output Impedance: 150 Ohms balanced

AD and DA Resolution: 24-bit
Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
Power: USB bus power, battery power (2xAA), or DC power supply (9VDC, from 500mA up, positive outside - not included)
Metering: Multicolor LED
Size: 75mm/2.95" x 127mm/5" x 37mm/1.46"
Weight: 197.2g/6.96oz (batteries excluded)
Battery Life:
• Recording - Max load*: 3 hours, 30 minutes (NiMH rechargeable); 45 minutes (Alkaline)
• Playback - Min load**: 10 hours (NiMH rechargeable); 3 hours (Alkaline)

*Max load condition: both inputs connected to two 1,5mA phantom powered loads, input gains set to maximum, outputs set to maximum.
**Min load condition is as follow: music playng, phantom power OFF.

IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO

IK Multimedia iRig Pro DUO


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