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Touch-screen MIDI Controller with 8 x 16 LED embedded layout on X and Y axes under the screen.

You can switch between 6 modes of operation:

• 1. Piano: X-axis works as the keyboards white keys and the Y-axis adds 8 steps of expressive values

• 2. Pad: Touch-screen is divided into 8 lit drum pads with 2 layers (16 total)
• 3. Controls: Touch-screen is divided into 8 vertical sliders with 2 layers (16 total)

• 4. X/Y Pad: use the X/Y pad with 8 layers

• 5. Clip: 8 lit clip buttons with 2 layers (16 total)

• 6. Arpeggio: 8 arpeggio memory slots with 8 groups (64 total) to store or recal user made arpeggio presets.

Icon i-Creativ Black

• Connector To computer: USB connector (mini B type)

• Connector To i-Pro series controller: To i-series controller

• Power supply: USB bus power

• Current consumption: 100mA or less

• Weight: 0.84kg (1.8lb)

• Dimensions: 325(L) X 100(W) X 33(H)

• Dimensions: 12.8""(L) x 3.94""(W) x 1.3""(H)

Icon i-Creativ Black


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