Ibanez TBX65R compact guitar combo
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Ibanez TBX65R

The Ibanez TBX65R Guitar Combo Amp rocks as hard as their guitars! 65W of power pushing a 12" speaker make this Tone Blaster X combo amplifier perfect for club gigs and garage bands. Two channels each sport their own EQ; the second channel includes a parametric midrange. The TBX65R features its own reverb. The Hot channel with switchable X Mode boost makes it quick and easy to blast into a killer solo. There's a jack for adding a channel/reverb footswitch to make changes even smoother. 1/4" CD/MP3 Input Jack, 1/4" Headphones/Record Out Jack make it easy to jam with a recording or to send a sweet recording signal out of your amp, no mic needed.

Ibanez TBX65R

• 65 Watts with 12" Speaker
• 2 Separate 3 Band Active Eqs. with Parametric
• Mid range in Second Channel
• Hot Channel w/Switchable Boost
• 1/4" CD/MP3 Input Jack,
• 1/4" Headphones/Record Out Jack

Ibanez TBX65R


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