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Ibanez RG1127PBFXCIF

One of the best premium models, the RG1127PB, has a wide range of distinctive features that motivate every guitarist. The RG1121PB has a stunning poplar burl top with a beautiful Caribbean island flat finish. The 11-part Wizard neck of the RG1127PB consists of maple, walnut and blue wood, which contributes to the extreme stiffness and massive sustain of the neck. The ebony fingerboard provides a firm response and has Jescar EVO gold frets with premium fret treatment. Jescar EVO gold frets are known for their bright tone, their beautiful golden appearance and the player-friendly properties such as long durability and gentle bending of the notes.

Ibanez RG1127PBFXCIF

Ibanez RG1127PBFXCIF


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