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Ibanez AZ2204KBKB

The limited-edition Ibanez AZ2204KB has it all: eye-popping looks, buttery smooth playability, and an endless well of tones. Its Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups preserve your clarity when you crank up the gain, while its dyna-MIX9 switching system provides nine different pickup combinations for an endless supply of tones. Its balanced-sounding alder body is capped with stunning koa, which also lends extra brightness and warmth to your tone. The AZ2204KB’s S-Tech wood roasted bird’s-eye maple neck and fingerboard supply you with unprecedented comfort and stability. Bend, twist, and dive-bomb with perfect intonation thanks to the AZ2204KB’s Gotoh T1802 tremolo. An oil-impregnated bone nut, stainless-steel frets, and Gotoh locking tuners round out the AZ2204KB’s top-shelf features.

Ibanez AZ2204KBKB

Ibanez AZ2204KBKB


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