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i4-muzique AV Station Quad Core

This I4 AV Station Quad Core I7 X299 is a very fast DAW system for music production and studios. This computer has the fastest single core clock speed available, up to 4,3 GHz. Therefore it's ideal for people who use a lot of VST plug-ins.

The AV Station Quad Core comes in a 19 inch 4 unit high enclosure, an Intel x299 2066 motherboard, Core I7-7740x Quad Core Processor (4,3 GHz) and an extremely quiet cooling system. The G-force 710 2 GB video card with passive cooling system can control up to 2 monitors using the VGA/DVI-D or HDMI connections. This system also comes with a DVD burner, keyboard, mousse and Windows 10 Home Edition.

The powerful 750 Watt Gold power supply makes sure the computer gets an optimal flow of current and the built in cooling fan only starts working when the system is being pushed to it's limits.

The Intel X299 motherboard is built in such a way that there is always room to add PCIe cards (PCI cards are not supported).
The default SSD is the very fast M2 256 GB Eco 960 SSD. next to this SSD a 2 TB hard drive is also included in this system. You'll notice that a lot of connectors are built into the backside of the computer including USB 2/3 connectors for connecting MIDI controllers, audi interfaces and dongles.

It's always possible to add more memory to this system. Maximum memory limit is 128 GB. This way you can optimize it to your own needs.

This AV Station Quad Core computer is optimally tweaked and will last for several years of production work.
Windows 10 Home Edition is installed and tweaked for DAW use. If you would purchase any extra software or audio interface we'll make sure they are installed and ready for use. Already purchased/owned software can also be installed but only after consultation.

If you would like any adjustment/upgrade of the memory, hard drives, processors,... contact us for a free custom quote.


When ordered, I4-muzique computers are custom assembled with an average delivery time of 10 working days.

i4-muzique AV Station Quad Core

• Motherboard: Intel X299 2066
• Processor: Core I7-7740X, 4,3 GHz Quad Core Processor (Fastest Single Core) (4 Processors - 8 Threads)
• Cooling: Extra silent cooler
• Video card: G-force 710 video card with 2GB
• SSD: Samsung EVO 960 (3200 read/1500 Write)
• Memory: 16 GB (128 GB Max)
• Enclosure: 19 inch enclosure 430 x 176 x 445 mm
• Power supply: 750 Watt - Class Gold - Active Fan Control
• Extra: DVD burner
• Operating system: Windows 10 Home NL 64 bit

i4-muzique AV Station Quad Core