Humble Audio Quad Operator FM Synthesizer

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Humble Audio Quad Operator FM Synthesizer

4 Operator FM Synth
Implementing frequency modulation synthesis completely from scratch in firmware, the Quad Operator is able to provide a modern take on frequency modulation synthesis.

• One knob per function design for true ease of use
• Any FM algorithm is possible via modulation matrix
• The Algo expander provides algorithm save/recall and crossfading capabilities
• Independent output per operator
• Virtual VCA per operator for both animating modulation and output volume control
• Includes a dedicated “AR FM” input with its own modulation sends, designed to bring an audio rate signal in from your rack for use as a modulator. Try processing a phase locked operator, and feeding it back in!
Each operator can also be unlocked then tuned and patched independently, making the module a great general purpose oscillator bank
Convincing digital emulation of classic analog waveshapes—sine, triangle, square, and saw
An LFO mode, enabled the generation of phase locked, complex modulation signals

Humble Audio Quad Operator FM Synthesizer

Power Consumption
• +12V: 140 mA
• -12V: 13 mA
• 5V: 0 mA

• 30 HP
• 25mm deep

Humble Audio Quad Operator FM Synthesizer


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