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HK Audio Premium PRO 8

The PREMIUM PR:O series’ best-in-class acoustic properties and features set standards for others to follow. Its remarkably linear frequency response, precise attack and decay, and tremendous sound pressure certainly raise the performance bar. The audio image remains transparent, homogeneous and remarkably articulate across a very wide dynamic range.

All PREMIUM PR: O models come in rugged, road-worthy wood cabinets. They not only deliver a stable sonic image, but also stand up to the wear and tear of life on the road. And the second generation PTC™ provides reliable protection for high-frequency drivers.

The active models come with easy-to-use electronic circuitry including a 600-watt, Class-D power amp. The powered units weigh just 1.5 kg more than their passive siblings, but their acoustical properties are compatible so the two are easily combined. All mid/ high units may be used as standalone fullrange cabs and in combination with PR:O 18 and PR:O 210 SUB subwoofers.

This 8"/1' fullrange enclosure delivers awesome bass response and exceptionally high SPL for its size. Its manageable format also makes it an excellent choice for expedient permanent installation.

HK Audio Premium PRO 8

HK Audio Premium PRO 8


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