HK Audio LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

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HK Audio LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

The LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo-System is a plug and play compact PA for all musicians and DJs who wants to use their own external mixer.This compact system consists of a LUCAS NANO 602 subwoofer (with satellites integrated in the transport bay) as well as a Stereo Stand Add-On Set. The Add-On Set includes two high quality König & Meyer stands to connect the satellites, as well as two speaker cables featuring Neutrik ® speakON connectors.The LUCAS NANO 602 panel features a classic stereo input, making it the perfect NANO option if you prefer to work with an outboard mixer, DJ controllers, keyboards or MP3 playback devices. Controls on the 602 unit itself include bass and stereo balance, while the system can be switched between mono and stereo, depending on usage.But the best thing about it? Thanks to its compact format you can carry the whole system in one hand and set it up in seconds.

• Plug and play 2.1 stereo system
• Active 10? subwoofer with Anti-Resonance Bracing for a powerful, precise low-end
• Two satellites each with 4.5? broadband woofer and 1? tweeter, featuring groundbreaking Multicell Transformer technology
• One stereo input (XLR, jack plugs) connects easily to any mixer, keyboard, DJ controller or playback device
• System power: 460 watts
• Frequency response 43-20,000 Hz
• 130 dB max. SPL
• Satellites are mounted inside the subwoofer for transport/storage
• High quality LUCAS NANO Series Stereo Stand Add-On including carry bag (2 x König & Meyer stands for a 2.1 stereo setup, 2 x speaker cables with Neutrik® speakON connectors)
• Can be combined with a LUCAS NANO 600, 608i or another 602 as a Twin Stereo setup (suitable for crowds of up to 200 people depending on conditions)
• Simple handling; assembles in seconds
• Just 22.7 kg

HK Audio LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System
• Product Class: Portable stereo PA system
• Audience: up to 120
• Max SPL peak: 130 dB
• Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 43 Hz - 20 kHz
• Power Rating: 460 W (EIA)
• Amplifier: Class D
• Active protection circuits: MulitBand limiter, Subsonic filter, Thermo protection, Overload protection
• Special Features: Stereo Stand Add-on is included
• Enclosure: Surface-coated Polypropylene
• Weight: 22,7 kg / 50,1 lbs

LUCAS NANO 602 Subwoofer
• Max SPL peak: 123 dB@10%THD, Halfspace
• Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 43 Hz - 190 Hz
• LF Speaker: 10" Celestion custom-made
• Inputs: stereo input (XLR, jack plugs, Mini jack)
• Outputs: Speaker Out, Easy-Click, Rec Out, Link Out for Twin Stereo Mode
• Pole mount: M33 for the (signal-routing) S-CONNECT POLE LN, a speaker pole adapter sleeve (M33 to M20) is included
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 35 x 49 x 47 cm
• Weight: 13.9 kg / 30.8 lbs.

LUCAS NANO 600 Series Satellite
• Max SPL peak: 124 dB (Single Satellite), 130 dB (Satellite Array)@10%THD, half space
• Frequency response +/- 3 dB: 190 Hz - 20 kHz
• Mid/High Speaker: 4,5" Celestion custom-made
• HF Driver: 1" Celestion custom-made
• HF horn: HK Audio Multicell transformer
• Mid/high unit dispersion pattern, horizontal/vertical: 90° x +10/-45° (Single Satellite), 90° x 30° (Satellite Array)
• Pole mount: 3/8" thread
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 14,5 x 14,5 x 13,5 cm
• Weight: 1,2 kg / 2,6 lbs.

HK Audio LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System

HK Audio LUCAS NANO 602 Stereo System


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