HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack

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HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack

This is a sweet plug-and-play solution for smaller to midsized venues with audiences* of 200 to 300. Consisting of two mid/ high units, two subwoofers, and all the requisite accessories, the Club Pack is the smallest end-to-end PA system of the Linear 5 line. Surprisingly compact and easily transportable, it nonetheless delivers impressive performance. Configuration and voicing is an exercise in convenience – a simple flip of the Gain/EQ switch on the mid/high units and the Configuration switch on the subwoofers is all it takes. The system’s integrated controller presets do the rest.

• Sets up quickly and is ready for use in no time at all
• Fully active component management (gain adjustment) for utmost flexibility and utility
• All components needed for safe operation on board and optimized to suit user needs
• Mid/high units may be used separately
• Factory-included accessories

Consisting of:
2 x L5 112 FA
2 x L Sub 1200 A
2 x speaker poles
4 x protective covers

Extendable to a full stack with 2 x L Sub 1200

HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack

HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack

HK Audio Linear 5 Club Pack


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