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Hartke 210XL V2

A Revolution Revitalized. In 1984, Hartke revolutionized bass amplification with the first all-aluminum cone driver which produced bass tone with broader dynamics than ever before. This led to the original Hartke XL Series Bass Cabinets. Now, to commemorate 35 years of the "Hartke Sound", the new 210XL V2 Bass Cabinet will house Hartke's classic 2x10 all-aluminum speaker design inside a more durable, modern-looking cabinet enclosure that packs 200 watts of power handling.

If It Ain't Broke…
The 210XL V2 features Hartke's classic all-aluminum speaker design to the note! Each proprietary XL low frequency driver features a high-quality aluminum cone with a large 1.5" voice coil on a Kapton® former, impregnated fabric surrounds and a convex dust cover, all mounted in a heavy-duty steel frame. And just like in 1984, a smooth response with a clear, punchy attack forms the foundation of a remarkable tone that's perfect for any style of playing.

Hartke 210XL V2

• Description: 2 x 10" bass cabinet
• Power Handling: 200W RMS
• Impedance: 8O
• LF Drivers: 10" proprietary aluminum cones (100W each)
• Voice Coils: 1.5" on Kapton® formers
• SPL: 96dB @ 1W/1M
• Frequency Response: 50Hz–5kHz
• Inputs: 2 x 1/4" (wired in parallel)
• Cabinet Type: Single-chamber, sealed
• Cabinet Construction: Solid 3/4” plywood, textured vinyl covering
• Grille: Black perforated steel
• Additional: 1 x inset handle, 8 x protective corners
• Weight: 44lb (20kg)
• Dimensions: 14.5" (369mm) x 24.5" (623mm) x 15" (389mm)

Hartke 210XL V2


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