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Hartke 115XL

Professionals choose the XL Series because of its carefullycalibrated and tuned cabinet design and high quality aluminum-cone drivers. XLs produce a smooth response along with the clear, punchy attack that changed the sound of bass. Each cabinet is built tough with a shockproof metal grill, reinforced corners, recessed carry handles and a rugged covering. This tuned, duct-vented XL cabinet and 15" low-bass driver add more bottom to your sound. Power handling is 200 watts at 8 ohms with an expanded frequency response of 30 Hz to 2.5 kHz.

Hartke 115XL

Hartke 115XL

Prima bas box.
Heb een 215 xl maar deze is behoorlijk zwaarder en minder makkelijk hanteerbaar.

De 115 Xl is makkelijker en goed hanteerbaar.
Qua geluid ook prima!!!

Hartke 115XL


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