Hal Leonard Rock & Pop On British Tv teaching method for studio/recording
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Hal Leonard Rock & Pop On British Tv

When rock 'n' roll arrived, all Britain had were two black and white TV channels, the BBC and the slightly racier ITV. In just over a decade after the first dedicated music programme, Cool For Cats, aired in 1956, cheap black and white studio-bound miming would give way to epic prog-rock live performances as programme controllers' were forced to accept the rise of the counter culture. Eventually, mammoth rock festivals would be enjoyed on multi-channel high-definition TV, delivering more coverage than any one person attending the actual event could ever experience.

In Rock & Pop on British TV, Jeff Evans tells the whole story of how this entertainment medium morphed and grew as technology advanced and cultures changed. In a world where music is available on demand, 24/7, the story of Rock & Pop On British TV takes you back to your youth - whenever that was - and the days when pop on TV was an eagerly anticipated, greedily consumed and thrilling part of growing up in Britain.

Hal Leonard Rock & Pop On British Tv

• Music history book
• Author: Jeff Evans
• Pages: 336
• Language: English

Hal Leonard Rock & Pop On British Tv


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