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Hal Leonard Partituren

Do you play guitar, piano, recorder, ukulele or any other Instrument? And do you want to learn the crazy and swinging songs of Captain Winokio yourself? Then the Kaptein made this score book for you.

Especially for all musicians, champions, mums, dads and teachers, Captain Winokio wrote the notes and chords of his favorite own composed songs down in clear scores. With the melody on the staff and the chords above it. The visualized fingerings for guitar and ukulele make sure that you get the feel of the music even more easily.

The songs are divided into three difficulty levels (easy - little practice - harder) so that each Champion can learn step by step at his level. The playful and colorful photos with the songs make sense to fly straight in! This score book is useful, instructive and super fun for every Champion, teacher, musician and music genius-virtuoso in the making!

Hal Leonard Partituren

Hal Leonard Partituren


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