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Hal Leonard Gitaar Horizon 2

The guitar appeals to the imagination, and is the creative outlet for millions of world citizens of different ages, cultural backgrounds and social classes.
In addition, the guitar is an instrument with roots far in the past and branches in the most diverse genres and styles.

'Guitar Horizon II' continues the path taken in 'Guitar Horizon I'. The very varied repertoire also catches the eye in this part.

Here and there some interpretation precedes a bit, to the extent that the self-taught artist also finds his 'companion the route' in this method. Here and there a free corner was used to represent a number of 'great guitarists'.

This book also includes a CD with a recording of the pieces by Antoon Vandeborght. The CD is not conceived as a play-along CD, but rather serves as an illustration and inspiration.

ISBN: 9790543540286

Hal Leonard Gitaar Horizon 2

Hal Leonard Gitaar Horizon 2


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