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GR Bass CUBE500

GRBass comes from the mind of the Italian musician and engineer Gianfranco Rizzi. His amp heads, cabinets and combos were all desgined with one philosophy in mind: pure sound. This new and exciting line will be hard to resist for the modern bass player that looks for compact yet powerfull amplification that respects the pure sound of his instrument.


Power head: 500W RMS (AES Standard)
Power cabinet: 500W RMS (AES Standard)

GR Bass CUBE500

Dimensions: 43 H x 40 W x 35 D cm
Weight: 14 Kg
Bass reflex: rear
Tweeter: regulation 3 positions switch
Frequency response: 38Hz to 18 kHz
Sensitivity: 98 dB SPL
Front panel:
- Tuner / Vu-Meter
- Input
- Aux In
- Gain
- Deep filter
- Low
- mid Low
- mid High
- High
- Bright filter
- 3 freq mid Low
- 3 freq mid High
- Pure Sound
- Volume DI (antibump)
- Headphone master
- Headphone output
- Master
- Mute
Rear panel:
- Input 230-115v (auto selectable)
- 9 Volt 300mA
- Send/Return
- Pre/Post DI
- GND lift
- DI Output
- Speakon
- Fan (Studio/Live mode)

GR Bass CUBE500

GR Bass CUBE500


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