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Gitano Guitar Rest

Making music can damage your health & ndash just ask the scores of musicians needing to see their physiotherapist every week. Violinists and pianists tend to suffer most from ailments arising from the all-too familiar and irresistible imperative to Keep On Playing, but guitarists are likewise known to be susceptible to bunching up their bodies. The six-string ills are attributable to bad posture of the back resulting from placing the guitar on the left leg in the wrong way. The old master Fernando Sor recognised the dangers of the classical position as long ago as the early nineteenth century and advocated supporting the guitar on the right leg.

That this method has drawbacks of its own is something with which both flamenco and steel string players are all too familiar: you need to hold the guitar higher and steeper, but how do you do this without a strap or help from the left hand? The answer is simple: the Gitano guitar support. Its two suction caps attach the support to the side of the guitar between the bridge and the soundhole. The exact placement of the Gitano determines the angle of the guitar and the upper legs. The bottom of the instrument rests on the right leg, the support embraces the left leg and keeps the guitar in position. Since both feet are on the floor the spinal column is kept straight. It is essential to find the right spot to attach the support, as it cannot be adjusted later. The two suction caps are easily removed without damaging the lacquer. The Gitano is a simple yet effective boon for both guitarists and their medical insurers.

Gitano Guitar Rest

Gitano Guitar Rest


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