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Gig Grips Drumstick Grips Black

If you are constantly adjusting your grip, stopping your sticks slipping or are experiencing fatigue or pain then you are not giving 100% to your drumming. Gig Grips let you relax your grip and get on with the music. That's why pro drummers around the world rely on Gig Grips for touring and important gigs. They can give a 100% drumming performance.

As a gig gets hotter and you get sweaty, sticks can start to slip forward. Perhaps you are constantly repositioning your sticks during a number. If you start to subconsciously grip tighter you may Over-Grip your sticks. This brings tension and strain into your drumming which can affect your power, speed and also cause drumming injuries. Gig Grips take away stick slippage and enable you to consciously relax your grip slightly, eliminating the limiting factors that can cause fatigue, pain and poor performance.

Fits any finger, any stick, fully adjustable. Increases drumstick life and reduces strains.

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips Black

Gig Grips Drumstick Grips Black


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