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Gibraltar SC-4402

Whether you're a drummer or a soundperson, you've known the panic of a creeping bass drum. And like it or not, your audience has sensed it, too. The Gibraltar SC-4402 has two ways to keep this from ever happening again. Steel spurs bore into carpeted surfaces, like your drum mat, to keep your bass drum from sliding forward. And for wood and concrete, just flip the spurs over to engage the rubber feet. The Gibraltar Bass Drum Anchor mounts to your outside bass drum hoop by way of two wing nut screws, so no tools are required for installation and removal.

Gibraltar SC-4402

•Keeps kick drums from sliding forward
•A must-have for heavy hitters
•Reversible tips:
•Spurs for carpet and drum mats
•Rubber cups for hardwood and concrete
•Installs on bass drum hoops without tools

Gibraltar SC-4402

Gibraltar SC-4402


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