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Gator GC Les Paul Deluxe Case

Deluxe Molded Case for Gibson® Les Paul® and other electric Guitars. Gator's molded guitar and instrument cases are made of the finest ABS plastic with ultra-strong extruded aluminum valance. Unique to Gator is a through-bolted system that attaches the exterior plastic to the interior foam, making this case much more rugged than other manufacturers' plastic cases. The interior is designed to keep your instrument safe with EPS foam creating support for the neck and a thick plush interior that delicately protects the instrument. These cases also have an interior pocket and triple plated chrome locking latches. Universally designed and now manufactured for almost every style, these cases are sure to be a perfect fit for your cherished instrument.

Gator GC Les Paul Deluxe Case

Gator GC Les Paul Deluxe Case

Zeer stevige goed passende koffer.
Ziet er ook heel goed uit.
,,made in China,,

Gator GC Les Paul Deluxe Case


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