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Fulltone Full-Drive 2 V2 Red

Achieve natural, tubelike drive with the Full-Drive 2 V2. Loaded with the coveted JRC4558 chip and Fulltone's 1990s Full-Drive circuit, this pedal juices your amp with classic overdriven textures. One footswitch places the pedal in and out of your effects chain, while a second switches between overdrive channels 1 and 2, each with individually adjustable Volume and Drive knobs. But if you think the Full-Drive 2 V2 limits you to these two options, you're mistaken. Call up everything from vintage overdriven warmth to '90s-style asymmetrical clipping using twin toggle switches. Fine-tune your tone by tweaking the Full-Drive 2's variable 9–18-volt operation. Searching for a multifaceted dirt box? Give the Full-Drive 2 V2 a test drive — you won't be disappointed.

Full-Drive 2 V2: How the controls interact
• The Drive 2 footswitch brings Drive 2 knob into play, which adds distortion to what's selected on the Drive 1 knob. At the same time, the pedal jumps from the (main) Volume knob level setting to a higher level set on the Drive 2 Volume mini-knob.

Left 3-position toggle:
• Comp-cut is a semi-clean boost that removes the clipping diodes.Flat Mids evokes the late'90s, re-feeding your signal into the clipping diodes to eliminate the mid hump.
• Vintage was inspired by the asymmetrical clipping of the traditional '90s Full-Drive.

Right 3-position toggle:
• Wide combines MOSFETs and Schottky diodes, for increased clarity, less compression, and a more boutique-like sound.Standard evokes the traditional '90s Full-Drive's asymmetrical clipping.
• Half-clipped only clips the top waveform for extreme clarity, feel, and touch.

Fulltone Full-Drive 2 V2 Red

Pedal Type: Overdrive, Boost
Inputs: 1 x 1/4"
Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
True Bypass: Yes
Power Source: 9-18V DC power supply required (sold separately)
Power Usage: 10mA
Height: 2.5"
Width: 4.45"
Depth: 4"

Fulltone Full-Drive 2 V2 Red


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