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Fulltone 69 MkII

This is how you wished your Fuzzface sounded... Fat and Harmonic. And it cleans up like a vintage Fender amp when you turn down your guitar's volume control. The Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes have discovered this trick. If you love the first 2 Hendrix releases then you'll love this pedal, with 2 Germanium transistors hand-picked and tested for optimum performance. A Contour Knob lets you dial in Midrange, Harmonics and Sustain, also an Input Bias knob that takes out the "woofiness" and gives great Overdrive/Distortion sounds when its level is reduced. An Internal Trimmer allows for adjustment of Clipping Symmetry, Harmonics, and Tracking. Specifications subject to change at any given moment due to availability... and whimsy. True-Bypass w/LED is standard equipment to preserve tone when the pedal is off!
Made in the United States

Fulltone 69 MkII

Fulltone 69 MkII

Fulltone 69 MkII


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