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Fonik Audio Stand For 3 x Korg Volca (Black)

Please note a Volca Mix will not fit on this stand.

Hand finished in Yorkshire United Kingdom, Fonik Audio Innovations are proud to bring you their new range of professional stands for the stage and the studio.

Your Korg Volca will sit perfectly into this stand creating an improved working angle whilst giving your studio a more desirable look.

The 3 x Korg Volca stand is designed to ensure you can comfortably play on your gear whilst also maintaining perfect cable management ensuring the look of your stand isn’t ruined by untidy cables.

Unlike other stands available, Fonik stands also enable you to fit a Decksaver cover on your equipment whilst mounted, your gear will look cool, professional and be protected all at once. This stand has anti slip feet and comes with locating pins to secure your equipment in place.

Fonik Audio Stand For 3 x Korg Volca (Black)


• Built to fit 3 x Korg Volca (not included)
• Perfect for the studio or for live gigs
• Compatible with Decksaver covers (not included)
• Amazing build quality with a sleek finish
• Clean and easy cable management
• Anti slip feet for secure fitting
• Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

Fonik Audio Stand For 3 x Korg Volca (Black)


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