FGN Neo Classic DC10 Wine Red

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FGN Neo Classic DC10 Wine Red

The Neo Classic DC-10 is FGN's reinterpretation of the classic double cutaway guitar in '61 style. These guitars are purposely built according to tradition with a massive 2-piece mahogany body without weight reduction, to ensure a powerful and punchy sound.

The long neck foot (Long Neck Tenon) and the improved vibration transmission gives the guitar an extra portion of sustain. The sound of the FGN Alnico humbucker is very close to the original Vintage P.A.F. Sound ajar and has a moderately open, schmaltzy tone with a bit of moderate output. The DC-10 on an upset, overdriven tube amp driving in the Enstufensättigung has high addictive potential.

Traditional equipment
Classic 43mm saddle with no zero collar, conventional point-to-point wiring of individual components in the electronics compartment combined with the Gotoh Vintage tuners and solid body without weight reduction provide the authentic sound of the 1960s and 1970s that all traditionalists love so much.

Massive body without weight reduction
Fujigen consciously builds the Neo Classic LS & LC models in a traditional tradition with a massive 2-piece mahogany body without weight reduction, to guarantee an assertive, punchy and, above all, authentic sound.
massive body

Long Neck Tenon - Long Neck
Fujigen builds the Neo Classic LS and LC models with Long Neck Tenon. Due to this extended and very precise connection, there is less tension between the neck and body and the vibration characteristics are significantly improved.

Perfectly rounded frets
The frets of each Neo Classic Series instrument are rounded extremely finely and carefully by the FGN guitar makers on the edges. The result is an incredibly comfortable feeling in all situations.

Vintage Pickups
The DC-10 comes with a specially selected set Alnico humbucker, which optimally implement the airy, earthy tone of the flat mahogany body. At the strained tube amp these pickups can show their full potential, but are still clear and defined even at higher gain settings.

FGN Neo Classic DC10 Wine Red

• African Mahogany Body
• No Hollow Chamber Cuts For Artificial Weight Reduction
• Polyester Paint

• Mahogany Neck
• C-Profile
• Rosewood Fretboard
• Perloid Trapezium Inserts
• 22 Medium Size Frets
• C.F.S. Frets

• Gotoh SD-90 SL Tuners
• Gotoh GE104 bridge
• Gotoh GE101 tailpiece
• Nickel-Colored Hardware

• 2 FGN Humbuckers
• 2 volume, 2 tone, 3 way switch

• 24.75"/ 628 mm scale
• 43 mm nut width
• Nickel Wound Strings 010 - 046

FGN Neo Classic DC10 Wine Red

FGN Neo Classic DC10 Wine Red


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