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Fender ACOUSTIC 100

In addition to its legendary line of electric guitar amps, Fender has offered amps designed for acoustic instruments for many years. The company has recently come out with a pair of new acoustic amps, the Acoustic 100 and the Acoustic 200, and we had a chance to check out the smaller of the two in the Peghead Nation studio.

The Acoustic 100 is a compact amp that features 100 watts of power going through an 8-inch speaker. A natural-color wooden enclosure lends an organic appearance, and two identical channels with combined ¼-inch/XLR inputs offer a set of easily navigated functions, including volume and three-band EQ. With a weight of only 17.6 pounds, the amp is easily carried with one hand. Built-in digital effects include room and hall reverbs, tape echo, delay, chorus vibratone, and combinations of delay and chorus as well as delay and reverb. Separate effects can be assigned to each channel. The Acoustic 100 includes a Bluetooth function for interfacing with audio players, and a USB port that can be used to record directly to a computer.

Fender ACOUSTIC 100

Fender ACOUSTIC 100

Fender ACOUSTIC 100


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