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Evans TT08G2 G2 Clear 8"

Evans TT08G2 tom batter heads feature two plies of 7mil film ensuring consistency and durability. The perfect blend of depth, sustain and attack make small toms sing and floor toms growl.

• Two Plies
• 7-mil Film (14-mil Total)
• Balanced Depth
• Moderate Sustain
• Cutting Attack
• Plenty of Durability

Evans TT08G2 G2 Clear 8"

Name: Evans 8" G2 Clear Head
Brand: Evans
Model #: TT08G2
Series: G2, G2 Clear
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Surface Type: Smooth
Diameter: 8"
Drum Head Type: Top (Batter)
Thickness: 14 mils
Number of Plies: 2
Collar Type: Open Channel

Evans TT08G2 G2 Clear 8"

Evans TT08G2 G2 Clear 8"


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