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Evans BD22GB3 EQ3 Clear 22"

Evans EQ3 Clear Bass Drum Heads are made of two plies of 6.5-mil film, providing you with a healthy amount of low end with a focused attack up front. The thickness of this head makes it very suitable for live performances - it won't distort or sound weird if you need to pound it.

• Two Plies
• 6.5-mil Film (13-mil Total)
• Healthy Low End
• Focused Attack
• Good for Live Performance
• Will Not Distort Under Hard Playing

Evans BD22GB3 EQ3 Clear 22"

Name: Evans 22" EQ3 Clear Bass Head
Brand: Evans
Model #: BD22GB3
Sold By: each
Series: EQ3, EQ3 Clear
Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Surface Type: Smooth
Diameter: 22"
Drum Head Type: Top (Batter)
Thickness: 13 mils
Number of Plies: 2
Collar Type: Open Channel

Evans BD22GB3 EQ3 Clear 22"


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