Enova Hifi Vision4 USB WD

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Enova Hifi Vision4 USB WD

Dreams and passion are often key for the best of business adventures. This is precisely the philosophy that created Enova Hifi and that is responsible for the development of the VISION4 series Hifi vinyl turntables. With the VISION4, you have a hi-fi vinyl turntable equipped with all the latest technologies delivered in a dark wood finish.

Enova Hifi Vision4 USB WD

• Belt-type hi-fi vinyl turntable

• Finish: glossy dark wood

• Integrated RIAA preamp with Line / Phono selector

• Choice of rotation speed: 33 or 45 rpm using a selector on the plate

• ON/OFF selector on the tray

• Equipped with an Audio Technica AT 3600L cartridge

• Connectivity: USB and Bluetooth

• USB to digitize your vinyls

• Use Audacity to do this for example

• Integrated Bluetooth to connect your turntable to a sound system equipped with this function

• External power supply 12V / 500mA, AC/DC

• ON/OFF button on the rear panel

• Power consumption: 5W

• Anti-slip system

• Weep and flicker: <0.15%

• S/N ratio: 55 dB
- Arm length: 218.5 mm

• Diamond contact force: 3 to 6 g

• Dust cover provided

• BT transmitter

• Accessories included: belt, external power supply, 45T centering device, USB cable

• Dimensions: 420 x 360 x 125 mm
- Weight: 4.8 Kg

Enova Hifi Vision4 USB WD


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