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Engl A101

The ENGL A101 is a 150 W all-round acoustic amplifier, designed to fullfill the needs of every performing artist. This amp is not only for acoustic guitars, but also for vocals and other instruments, like keyboards etc. With its warm and rich midrange and smooth and silken treble, the A101 delivers an organic sound. Equipped with four different effects, this amp is a great solution for every live performance.

The natural and sophisticated design focuses on an extensive appeal. Due to the real branding on the sides, every amplifier is a unicum!

Engl A101

• 150 Watt
• 8" Woofer
• 1 x Comp. Tweeter
• Bass reflex housing
• Ground lift
• Integral stand mount
• Dimensions: 28 x 41 x 37 cm, 13 kg

• Channel 1-2: XLR/Jack
• Channel 3: Jack (High Z/Low Z)
• Channel 4: RCA
• DI out: XLR
• Rec out: RCA (Level control)
• Effect send: Jack
• Effect returm L/R: Jack

• Hall, Room, Delay, Chorus + Room

• Channel 1-3: High, Mid, Low, Effect, Volume
• Channel 4: High, Low, Volume

Engl A101

Prima akoestische versterker met meerdere kanalen. Mijn instrumenten(akoestisch gitaar mandoline ukelele) worden d.m.v. condensatormicrofoons mooi weergegeven. Een beetje effect toevoegen kan.

Engl A101


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